Organizing the paperwork- for an easy-breezy tax season!

Year-long documents, mandatory forms, and a lot of formalities. Could you guess? Well, this is about the tax filing and all the documents at the back end. 

To some people, tax preparation is as easy as lighting a candle. However, this lot hasn't filed the taxes or gotten it done by a Steuerberatung Wien. The essential part of every tax process is the underlying documents that enable all the calculations and determine the obligations.  

When there is so much fuss at the end of the year, we all have just one regret- I wish I could have managed them beforehand. And this is followed by a resolution of keeping the records collected from day one of the new fiscal.  

But, deep down, we know this becomes an uphill task. So, to ease out the process, here is the blog for you with some tips and points to keep in mind: 


  • Look for all the documentation that can be used as proof of income. (e.g., payslips and financial statements). Additionally, try to think of anything that might qualify you for a tax rebate or deduction document. (e.g., medical expenses bills, donations, insurance documents, other expenses). These are the most important documents that your Steuerberatung Wien will also need if you hire one! 


  • Even if you hire a professional to do your tax return, you won't skip this stage because they will also want correct paperwork. Don't let the essential documents pile up as a large stack of paper once you've found them. 


  • Using transparent plastic folders to collect the documents for the current fiscal year is a great approach to stay managed. While they are accruing, you can arrange potentially important papers according to various themes (e.g., property and rent, work income, charity, educational expenditures, and so on). So, when the next tax deadline approaches, this can help you save a lot of time and effort. 


  • Try to stay organized at every point in time. Make a file system that you may store with your other documents and belongings. This will come in handy when handing over the documents to your tax advisor or any other trusted person. 

These tips for documents management can be done with both soft and hard copies. Since we all are a part of the Digital age, it makes sense to use our devices. It is not only us that benefit, but our Steuerberatung Wien might also find it a conscious act. 

Keep it easy, and stay all organized! 

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