Steuerberatung Vermietung in Germany: What expenses are tax-deductible?

Do you already own the rental property in Germany, or are you interested in investing in one? Then you must take Steuerberatung Vermietung to reduce your tax liability and optimize the deductions as much as possible. Whether you are a German resident or not, you must understand the rental property tax deductions and the associated deductions. Thousands of German landlords pay more taxes on their rental revenue than should be paid every year. Why? The reason is simple. They don’t know tax deductions and do not take advantage of them. Therefore, it is very important to have proper Steuerberatung Vermietung to minimize your tax contributions. Here is the article that walks you through the tax deductions you must know while filing your German rental tax returns.  

Top Rental Tax Deductions in Germany That You Must Know  

  • Financial Costs  

If you use outside capital for the property, you rent out in Germany, then these financing costs may be deductible. You can also claim bank fees associated with applying for finance.  

  • Defects in the Construction  

If there are any defects in the construction of a rental property, you can deduct the repair expenses. This is one of the best Steuerberatung Vermietung for you all.  

  • Maintenance Cost  

Which expenses are considered maintenance costs? These include door replacements, installation of electrical systems etc.  

  • Utility Expenses  

On your German rental tax returns, you can also claim utility costs such as heaters, hot water facilities etc.  

  • Real-estate agent fees  

You can also deduct real-estate agent fees from the tax return that is accumulated from renting out your property. This is because they are considered income-related expenses. Furthermore, you can also consider rent collection fees.  

  • Cost of House Renovation  

Yes, the house renovation costs are tax-deductible. Why? Because they are considered maintenance expenses.  

  • Business-related Travel Expenses  

The most common business expense deductions are travel expenses. This includes the trips to the property while a tenant is present. Also, the bank and the appointments with the real estate broker are all considered tax deductibles and accounted for on tax returns. For this, a mileage logbook should be kept to enter all the records.  

The Bottom Line!  

The tax deductions mentioned above are very beneficial for filing returns and helpful information considered in Steuerberatung Vermietung. If you are looking for the best rental tax advisors, then you are on the right page. Weinhandl has more than 60 years of tax consulting experience and is a reliable partner to trust. Contact us to find out more.  



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